Saturday, 26 March 2011

everything change , :(

everything change , :( , i lost everything , everything is not the same as it should be , i'm tired of crying all day , i can't even do anything , i lost my world , i'm pretty tired of everything , i'm so tired of being intan nurul qistina , she always gonna makes other ppl laugh and smile , she always gonna be happy for everybody , n she so tired to being great , i guess this is what they call meltdown , and its suck ! , i'm just want to be alone right now , i want to cry , cry , cry , cry and cry . yeah , i'm a weak girl , i'm easy to cry , go ahead , judge me , coz i don;' really caree ,

Thursday, 24 March 2011

why ? :(

sad sad and sad , that's all the word that i know now , i'm losing everything , my life , my carier n whtever , i'm totally depressed , :( . haiyoo , idk what to do right now , everyday i feel like i want to cry , no one know how i feel , i might smile n laugh , but that's all fake , i just don't want ppl around me know that i'm totally sad , n i just don't want them to worry bout me , everyday , i had to face a lot of problem , i just can't get rid of it , i'm tired of it , totally fed-up , ! . i wish that everything is okay , but its not , i can't smile anymore , i don't really want to go to school , i don't have any mood to sit another minute in school , but i can't , because i'm gonna miss my bestie n my fwen , so now , i'm only gonna be profesional in my work and responsibility , lately , i feel that i don't really want to talk to everybody , idk why  , i prefer to be alone right now , this is so-not-me , don't get me wrong , i've got wonderful friends , n i love them , but now , i just need to be left alone , i'm totally sick , i don't know when i will recover , i don't think i will recover because i'm so hurts , my heart totally hurt , me myself don't know how to make my heart feel better , ppl can't help me , because i'm also can't help it , in my mind there's a lot of question n i can't find the answer either one of the question , i can't even play piano , because when i played it , i'm going to cry , n i hate to cry , .  i hope tomorrow gonna be better than today , .

Monday, 21 March 2011

haiyoo , =='

wah , pmr semakin nk dkat , but qiss x sedar2 lgy , try nk sedar , but diri niw ha , x nk sedaar2 lgy , bhaha ,  qiss rase it's time to grow up , be more mature , pilih kwn yg leklok , buang yg keruh ambil yg jerneh , bulan mac niw , bln yg agk mncabar , mnguji ketahanan fizikal dan mental , dlm bln niw jee , dha brmcm2 mslh yg timbul , but its good , mase2 mcm niw lha , kte boleh tgk sapee kwn betol n sapee kwn fake , qiss rsee qiss dha nmpk , but malas nk mentioned , qiss sndri ponn bukn baik sngad , hee , kdg2 pelik ohh , kita kwn rmai org , but masee kita susa , kwn2 kita yg rmai niw adee x ? , n yg kita niw ponn , ble kwn2 kita susa , kita adee x untk mereka ? , kdg2 qiss malu dgn kwn2 qiss , coz qiss rsee qiss x ckop baik nk jdy kwn dorg , mcm x lyk jee , qiss bkn try nk jdy perfect , but qiss rsee qiss x lyk , ==' , adoyy , kusut kepale niw , law pike psl kwn2 , qiss rsee , now qiss should choose kwn yg oke2 , bkn nk pilih kwn sngad lha , kwnn dgn sumee org , but only rpat dgn org yg betol2 ikhlas nk kwn dgn qiss , x nk fake friend , who is bila susa , baru nk cari , hee , :)

Sunday, 13 March 2011

tengku affin's sleepover . !! (12 mac 2011)

. msee si tengku affin niw invite , qiss tolak2 lha jugak , bb my back-bone still sakit , disebab ken dang ou dgn momo buad muka bangang mereka msing2 , qiss ponn on je lha , ingt ken dang ou , tengku affin , momo n me jee yg sleepover ,  rupe rupe nyee , adee rmai mmbe2 tengku yg lain , adess ! segan kowt ?! law tahuu , awl2 dha call my <3 (muhaimin of coz) ajk sleepover skaly , but its already late , redha jela , haha . qiss tgk sumee mamat2 niw (membe tengku) muka mcm sombunk2 jee , well , budak loaded lha kata ken , and then pas kitaorg dha brkumpul rmai2 , tengku ajk pergy maju junction , x tahuu lha asl , tgk2 tengku gy beli snek plus makanan , semangat jee pegy jaoh2 , padahal nk beli makanan , then qiss tnye lha tengku 'why kita kne pergi smpai ke sinie , semata-mata nk beli makanan? carefour ken ade?' tengku jwb 'i always beli brg dapur dekat sini , sume fresh' , qiss ponn trdiam , baru qiss ingt yg tengku affin niw kaya raya , haha , dorg habis lebih kurang RM350 beli makanan for sleepover kitaorg , then mmbe2 tengku ajak lepak starbucks coz still awl nk balik rumah tengku , msee tuhh dlm pkul 6 lebih , qiss follow jela , then , tengku mintak diri nk pergy letak barang kitaorg beli tadi dlm kereta , qiss offer nk ikut skaly , then tengku cakap x payah , stay sini , qiss patuh jela ckp ank raja niw , haha , then qiss gy lha dekat meja budak2 kaya tuhh (mmbe tengku of coz)  , qiss ddok lha mcm patung , momo dengan dang ou sibuk pergi sogo , beli baju bagai , rugi x ikod , ken dha jady patung , haha , ttbe mmbe tengku tego 'hye qiss , i'm luqman , how ur doing?' qiss dha tercengang , qiss ponn hulur lha tangan nk salam then qiss ckp lha 'hye luqman , i'm qiss , i'm great' , then yg lain , ariel , haikal , darwish , iman n ashraf say hi jugak , and then kita org mmbebel , tengku affin lama sngad , qiss dha bosan , qiss ajk dorg jln2 , dorg nice lha , tak sombunk ponn , then tengku call and suruh kitaorg gerak g car lot , nk balik rumah dyee then , kitaorg ponn gerak , i naik kereta darwish , he's cute ! , brdebar kowt ? qiss ckp dlm aty , ' ingt muhaimin , ingt muhaimin' haha , dyee really2 nice , dye siap gy mcd beli makanan for qiss , syok gilak ! then gerak damansara , rumah tengku , then gy mndy pool , wee ! syok gilak !! , then kitaorg main games , capture2 pic , onl smee2 , and then kitaorg gy ruang tamu , baring2 atas sleeping bag kitaorg , then yg lain tetido , qiss x bule tydo , then nmpk tengku ddok dekt taman rumah dia , qiss ponn join lha dyee , bnyk bintang , baru qiss ingat yg qiss , truly rinduu tengku affin niw , (oh btw , tengku affin is my ex ) , then , qiss ajk dyee masuk tido , oops ! bukan tydo yg mcm tuhh oke ? , haha , then yg lain trbngun , kami sumee tgk movie smpai kol 4 pg mcm tuhh , sumpah best ! , qiss dha mula syg mereka sumee , dorg lha the best ! , mmbe yg pling sporting , hope kami kwn smpai bila , ohh ! sowry  x bule upload picture lha , gmbar bahaya , XDD ,

Sunday, 6 March 2011

AimanAimanAiman !!

imissyouu ! :( , i nmpk u dkat maya smlm , u shisha dgn kwn2 u , i hnye mmpu memndg jee , sumpaa ! i reallyreally miss you ! sowry coz i da lmee x reply text or col u , i totally bz , hope u pham , lgy ponn u kn da adee awek , i malas nk kcau , nnty meradang pulak awek u nnty ?! haha . ohh btw , ttg soalan u tuhh , the answer is , i do love you , but i love him more , i do want to be ur roxy , but i'm his roxy , so , i'm so-so sowry , but i can be ur qiss , ktee kwn mcm dlue , mao ? i rinduu nk hang dgn u stiap hari , klaka kn ? , now , u always boleh dtg rumh i , buat homework same2 , n play games same2 . i dah x kesa psl org lain dah , i do kesa psl u , if u rinduu i , just dial my number , or come straight to my house , i will be there , oke ? , thx coz still simpan kameja yg i bgy u tuhh , i hppy sngad coz u x buang kameja tuhh , mahal tahuk ? haha , jokejoke , i promise nnty ble i free i g hang dgn u , oke ? , rinduu nk spend time together , eh , what about this saturday ? , ktee g sunway pyramid , only two of us ? ktee date lha ! lupa kn cple2 ktee ? haha , law i g parti , i col u , oke ? i always loves you baby boy , wahh ! teringat msee ktee cple , baby girl laa bgai ! ahahaha ,

with love ,
ur cherry pie .

QistinaMohammad ,

Saturday, 5 March 2011

i need space , :(

hurm , sedih nyee lhaa ! , x tahuu nk ctee dekat spee , i reallyreally upset , x sngka boo buad mcm tuhh , n smpai aty boo buad mcm tuhh ken ? thx a lot boo !? :( , pewnat i syg you , lastlast jdi mcm niwh , =,=' .
dissapointed of you ! . i wish that i x nmpk you msee you dengan pompuan tuhh , but i dah nmpk nk buad mcm mnee kn ? how could you do that to me ? huh ? i hope you happy , coz u did hurt me , ! i know that i told you that i  trust you , but to see you wif other girl like to 'mesra' is killing me ! believe it or not , in that time i'm truly wants to punch your face ! dont say ' i'm sowry' if you dont really mean it , n how can you break my heart n still tell me that you love me ? how ?! i know that i should give you another shot to make everything oke , but for now , just give me some space . i reallyreally need it , i need time to find my strength back , to find my mistakes n to cari perasaan cinta untuk you . but i nk you tahuu , i truly loves you , i juz need space right now , so just leave me for while , i love you ,

kiss (t) hug ,
qiss , xoxo .