Saturday, 5 March 2011

i need space , :(

hurm , sedih nyee lhaa ! , x tahuu nk ctee dekat spee , i reallyreally upset , x sngka boo buad mcm tuhh , n smpai aty boo buad mcm tuhh ken ? thx a lot boo !? :( , pewnat i syg you , lastlast jdi mcm niwh , =,=' .
dissapointed of you ! . i wish that i x nmpk you msee you dengan pompuan tuhh , but i dah nmpk nk buad mcm mnee kn ? how could you do that to me ? huh ? i hope you happy , coz u did hurt me , ! i know that i told you that i  trust you , but to see you wif other girl like to 'mesra' is killing me ! believe it or not , in that time i'm truly wants to punch your face ! dont say ' i'm sowry' if you dont really mean it , n how can you break my heart n still tell me that you love me ? how ?! i know that i should give you another shot to make everything oke , but for now , just give me some space . i reallyreally need it , i need time to find my strength back , to find my mistakes n to cari perasaan cinta untuk you . but i nk you tahuu , i truly loves you , i juz need space right now , so just leave me for while , i love you ,

kiss (t) hug ,
qiss , xoxo .

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